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Promoting Positive Mental Health in Children & Mindfulness Course

Trainer-led course to learn how to encourage, support and promote positive mental health in children and ways to incorporate mindfulness into children’s lives. Attendees will learn what mindfulness is, how to create and facilitate practical mindfulness activities, how to encourage and support children’s mental health, ways to encourage communication & practical communication exercises.

Promoting Growth Mindset in Children & Positive Praise Course

Trainer-led course to learn how to encourage and support Growth Mindset development in children and how to offer effective praise. Attendees will explore what Growth Mindset thinking is, differences between Fixed & Growth Mindsets, Neuroplasticity, How to encourage Children’s Growth Mindsets & Practical Activities, Empty Vs Effective Praise and how to provide positive, meaningful praise.

Supporting Primary-Aged Children with Homework Workshop

Trainer-led course to learn how to encourage and support academic development in primary-aged children and how to support their learning. Attendees will explore ways to create a suitable learning environment at home, language to support effort and resilience, techniques to support children with their homework, tips on how to assist children with revision, and how to make homework fun!

Supporting Sensory Exploration & Mindful eating in Children Workshop

Trainer-led course to learn about mindful eating and sensory exploration. Attendees will learn what mindful eating is, how to facilitate and encourage mindful eating in pre-primary & primary aged children, how to facilitate and encourage sensory exploration. Additionally, attendees will explore how to create a stimulating, sensory home environment on a budget!

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