Support your Work Tribe

corporate workshops & packages

relax package: 1 x 45 min workshop

Instructor-led workshops

Mindfulness Activities

Chocolate Meditation

Positive Affirmations

Relaxation & Breathing Exercises

Mindfulness Colouring

positive touch & self massage

resilience & confidence-building

restore package: 8 x 45 min workshops

refresh package: 4 x 45 min workshops

renew package: 12 x 45 min workshops

creating a growth mindset work culture course   (2.5 Hours Workshop)

resilient minds course   (12 hours)

what are the benefits of workplace mindfulness?

Reduce Work-related Stress

Improve Employee Well-Being

learn & practice valuable skills

create a positive & mindful work environment

can improve sleep

can improve concentration

can increase productivity

develop mindful communication

improves overall mental health

maximises creativity

can improve confidence

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Lurgan, Northern Ireland

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